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Bespoke Medical Aesthetics

Balance over volume, because less is more

Bespoke Medical Aesthetics

Balance over volume, because less is more

Discover the most beautiful version of yourself at our Hamilton face clinic

The smallest of changes can alter your appearance, but of course, we know how to professionally do it while enhancing your gorgeous features. You won’t look like a different person, you will always look like yourself but in the most beautiful version you could imagine. We agree that beauty from the outside is not the most important factor about ourselves; however, when we feel and look beautiful it takes on a huge role in our self confidence. You are in charge of doing what makes you happy, and if that means visiting our Hamilton face clinic, then we won’t disagree on that!
Our Services

Bespoke Medical Aesthetics Services

We provide youthful rejuvenation at our Grimsby & Hamilton face clinic. Regardless of your beauty goals, we work closely with you to help achieve exactly what you want and more. All of our services are performed by medically trained aesthetic professionals.


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Bespoke Medical Aesthetics

About BeSpoke MeD SPA

Subtle, yet impactful and natural results when you visit our clinic! Established in the beginning of 2021, Bespoke Medical Aesthetics is conveniently located in Grimsby, Ontario with a beautiful store front facing the lake. We want our clients to enjoy every aspect of their visit, so selecting a gorgeous location was definitely on our list. With the help and support of our wonderful clients we decided it was time to officially start a new journey that we can’t wait to have you a part of.

Our Reputation

At Bespoke Medical Aesthetics, we are a reputable Grimsby & Hamilton face clinic offering premier Botox, dermal filler, and PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) therapy services. We take care of you and help enhance all of your favorite features. No Grimsby / Hamilton face clinic, or Grimsby / Botox Hamilton clinics do it better. In the care of our hands, you will feel your absolute best!

What Our Happy Clients Have to Say

Beauty is About Feeling and Looking Beautiful in Your Own Skin

We define your beauty while drawing attention in all the right ways at our Grimsby / Botox Hamilton clinic.